May 12

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bfgminer and cgminer interface guide


I created a quick bitcoin summary page at btc.gentoovps.net. It’s a work in progress but pulls data in from several sources. Check it out and let me know what you think.

bfgminer and cgminer interface guide

The goal of this document is to serve as a bfgminer and cgminer interface guide. We’ll start with an overview of the main screen for your miner.  The bfgminer and cgminer interfaces are very similar.  Here, I’m using cgminer v3.0.1 (as shown below).

bfgminer and cgminer interface version

Next to the version, you’ll see when the current mining session started.

On the next line, you’ll see a myriad of mining statistics.  We’ll start with the (5s).

bfgminer and cgminer interface 5s averageThis shows me that over the past five seconds, my gpus are averaging 392 MH/s.

Beside the (5s) you’ll see another number (probably similar) as seen below.

bfgminer and cgminer interface overall average hashrateThis is the average MH/s over the course of the session.

Beside the hash rates, you’ll see A: and R: which stand for accepted and rejected (work).  Ideally, you will have a high percentage of work accepted.  If not, you’ll want to change your settings.

bfgminer and cgminer interface work accepted rejectedHere over 3000 jobs have been accepted and fewer than 10 have been rejected.  Perfect.

I’ve skipped the “HW” item, but it show how many hardware errors have occurred.  Ideally this is zero.  You should become concerned as it increases and may mean your gpu is failing or overheating.

We’ll skip down to the line that starts “connected to”

bfgminer and cgminer interface connected server

Here we seen that we are connected to the eclipsemc mining pool.  Moving to the right, we’ll see the protocol you’re using to connect (getwork, long poll, stratum).

bfgminer and cgminer interface protocolHere we are using the stratum protocol (preferred).

Further right, you’ll see the worker name (login) for your mining pool.

bfgminer and cgminer interface workerMoving down to the next line, you’ll see some statistics about the current block and difficulty.

bfgminer and cgminer interface menuThe highlighted line is probably the most important.  This is essentially your menu and shows you the keys to press to access the various miner submenus.

Before exploring the submenus, we’ll finish on the main menu.  You’ll gpu statistics under the menu.

bfgminer and cgminer interface gpu temp fan

The first fields shows gpu number followed by temperature and fan speed.

Next you’ll see the hashrate for the gpu

bfgminer and cgminer interface averages

Followed by the accepted and rejected work for each GPU as shown below.

bfgminer and cgminer interface gpu work accepted rejectedbfgminer and cgminer interface guide – Pool Management

If you choose P from the main menu, you’ll be in the mining pool management sub-menu as shown below

bfgminer and cgminer interface pool menuWe’ll work our way through this menu now.

The top section shows the pools the miner can connect to (below)

bfgminer and cgminer interface pool serversBelow this, you’ll see the current management strategy (here it’s failover)

bfgminer and cgminer interface pool current management

Finally, you’ll see a few options that allow you to change the pool management strategy for your bitcoin miner.

bfgminer and cgminer interface pool submnenu

You can use [I] to view information or [C] to change the management strategy (to balanced for instance).

bfgminer and cgminer interface guide – display options

If you choose [D] from the main menu, you’ll see the bfgminer or cgminer display options sub-menu as shown here.

bfgminer and cgminer interface display menu

This is useful as you can enable debugging and workload logging while testing out a new mining pool or verbose logging while changing gpu settings.  Once everything is stable, you can enable quiet (or compact) mode from here.

bfgminer and cgminer interface guide – gpu menu

if you choose [G] from the main menu, you’ll see a gpu sub-menu (or be prompted to select a gpu for multi-gpu set ups.

bfgminer and cgminer interface gpu menu

The most interesting menu option here is [C]hange.

bfgminer and cgminer interface menu change

In the above the highlighted menu, you’ll see the current gpu temp, fan speed, engine clock, memory clock, and voltage.

bfgminer and cgminer interface guide – finishing up

You can do most of your tweaking via the ncurses interface as shown above.  Once you’ve come up with reasonable values for your bitcoin mining setup, you can pass most of these options on startup via the command line.

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  • Tom

    This is very helpful! Thank you.
    I’d just like to know – Why is there more than one hash rate next to the GPU? Is it for different cores or something or is it an average rate and a current rate?

    • gentoovps

      The left of the two hash rates is the rate over the last 5s and the right is the average rate since the program was started (or since you reset the statistics). The two are almost equal above because I haven’t made any changes to the engine, memory clock, or intensity so the hash rate is quite stable.

      If you have a true multicore card like 7990, it would list two gpus. You have the option of running each core multithreaded and can set cgminer to display combined thread stats or individually in the display settings.

      Hope this helps.

  • Mosty Mostacho

    Hi, I’ve setup bfgminer in my mac but I’ve been having some trouble. It seems to be working (eating some resources) but it is not returning any accepted share.

    This is the command I’m running”

    bfgminer -o http://api.bitcoin.cz:8332 -u my_user -p my_pass –verbose -k diablo -g 1 -v 2 –intensity 13

    This is the output I’m getting:

    bfgminer version 3.0.2 – Started: [2013-07-15 13:22:12] – [ 0 days 00:15:12]
    5s:1.052 avg:2.021 u:0.000 Gh/s | A:0 R:0 S:0 HW:0 U:0.0/m BS:0
    ST: 2 DW: 46 GW: 23 LW: 572 GF: 0 NB: 5 AS: 0 RF: 0 E: 0.00
    Connected to stratum.bitcoin.cz diff 1 with stratum as user ************
    Block: …bbe42266 #246718 Diff:26.2M (187.3Th/s) Started: [13:34:43]
    [P]ool management [G]PU management [S]ettings [D]isplay options [Q]uit
    OCL 0: | 0.989/1.907/0.000Gh/s | A:0 R:0 HW:0 U:0.00/m
    [2013-07-15 13:37:28] 5s:1.046 avg:2.016 u:0.000 Gh/s | A:0 R:0 S:0 HW:0 U:0.0/m BS:0
    [2013-07-15 13:37:30] Stratum from pool 0 requested work update
    [2013-07-15 13:37:33] 5s:1.049 avg:2.010 u:0.000 Gh/s | A:0 R:0 S:0 HW:0 U:0.0/m BS:0
    [2013-07-15 13:37:39] 5s:1.039 avg:2.005 u:0.000 Gh/s | A:0 R:0 S:0 HW:0 U:0.0/m BS:0
    [2013-07-15 13:37:44] 5s:1.014 avg:1.999 u:0.000 Gh/s | A:0 R:0 S:0 HW:0 U:0.0/m BS:0
    [2013-07-15 13:37:49] 5s:1.016 avg:1.993 u:0.000 Gh/s | A:0 R:0 S:0 HW:0 U:0.0/m BS:0
    [2013-07-15 13:37:55] 5s:1.011 avg:1.987 u:0.000 Gh/s | A:0 R:0 S:0 HW:0 U:0.0/m BS:0

    When I give up waiting and kill the process I get:

    [2013-07-15 13:42:22] Summary of runtime statistics:

    [2013-07-15 13:42:22] Started at [2013-07-15 13:22:12]
    [2013-07-15 13:42:22] Pool: http://api.bitcoin.cz:8332
    [2013-07-15 13:42:22] Runtime: 0 hrs : 20 mins : 9 secs
    [2013-07-15 13:42:22] Average hashrate: 1760.5 Megahash/s
    [2013-07-15 13:42:22] Solved blocks: 0
    [2013-07-15 13:42:22] Best share difficulty: 0
    [2013-07-15 13:42:22] Queued work requests: 30
    [2013-07-15 13:42:22] Share submissions: 0
    [2013-07-15 13:42:22] Accepted shares: 0
    [2013-07-15 13:42:22] Rejected shares: 0
    [2013-07-15 13:42:22] Accepted difficulty shares: 0
    [2013-07-15 13:42:22] Rejected difficulty shares: 0
    [2013-07-15 13:42:22] Hardware errors: 0
    [2013-07-15 13:42:22] Efficiency (accepted shares * difficulty / 2 KB): 0.00
    [2013-07-15 13:42:22] Utility (accepted shares / min): 0.00/min

    [2013-07-15 13:42:22] Discarded work due to new blocks: 60
    [2013-07-15 13:42:22] Stale submissions discarded due to new blocks: 0
    [2013-07-15 13:42:22] Unable to get work from server occasions: 0
    [2013-07-15 13:42:22] Work items generated locally: 669
    [2013-07-15 13:42:22] Submitting work remotely delay occasions: 0
    [2013-07-15 13:42:22] New blocks detected on network: 6

    [2013-07-15 13:42:22] Summary of per device statistics:

    [2013-07-15 13:42:22] OCL0 | 5s:0.908 avg:1.760 u:0.000 Gh/s | A:0 R:0 HW:0 U:0.0/m

    Can you help me understand these results and why aren’t I getting any shares (accepted nor rejected)? Thanks in advance

    • gentoovps

      These things can be difficult to diagnose. I assume you’re trying to do just pure GPU mining, correct? I’ve run into some difficulties trying to do both at the same time occasionally. Next, try changing from stratum to getwork (just to test) or vice versa. If neither of those work, try a different pool and test again.

      Also, try updating your version (although I doubt this is the issue). Let me know if any of those fix your problem.

  • douglasstewart

    This was great for me. Just having a quick overview of the display was incredibly helpful. I have two computers with AMD FX-8350′s and I wanted to test out cpu mining of BBQ and WDC coins. I had previously mined them with much less powerful cpu’s. However, most pools are stratum only and for the life of me I couldnt figure out how to implement stratum with cpuminer (minerd). So I downloaded BFG. I have the most current version and I am having problems with it producing any accepted shares (much like the first commenter’s problem). Of course, before downloading I read as much as I could an just figured I would start the miner with my credentials and the command to enable cpu mining. However, the latest version prompts you at start up for the pool first, then your username, then your password. And then it just starts up and tries to figure everything out on its own. The first time it sensed that I was cpu mining and adjusted the display (and the miner accordingly) but it failed to produce any shares. Upon shutting down it shows that there were local pieces of work created. So it is doing something, just not what its supposed to. On the weaker computers I could get about 2-3 BBQ coins per hour. Letting BFG run for 3 hours produces not 1 share. This is the same pool that I connect to for GetWork/regular cpumining. This pool just happens to have a stratum port and a getwork. So I figured this would be a good pool to test on.Plus, its always been stable. To make sure it wasnt the pool I would shut BFG down, fire up minerd, and go right back to my standard rate of producing shares. To make sure the Startum port was operating ok I would msg a few people using it and they would confirm everything was OK. So, Im not sure what settings I need to change, but I love visual walkthroughs and overviews and this helped me understand a few things I was unsure of before. Wish me luck!

  • keith

    this was really helpful but i am stuck,bfg doesnt register my asic usb eruptors?
    i have the drivers installed but they are not hashing?if some one could give me some advice i would be eternaly grateful as i am having major issues,thanks

    • gentoovps

      It sounds like you might be running Windows. unfortunately, I cannot help there. I have had several erupters mining in linux without issue in my tests. What OS are you running?

    • Bitvenders

      run bfgminer with this option

      bfgminer.exe -S all

    • http://sugamari.wordpress.com/ sugamari

      It’s in the readme files.

      –scan-serial erupter:all

      or replace all with COM#

      notice the spelling and this is windoze 7 I cant get bfgminer running on vista yet

  • gentoovps

    I love that I got a screen capture with the difficulty at 10M. In a week, we’ll be at 100M.

  • Zymery

    Really helpful tut!
    But there’s something I can’t get through.
    I’d like to extend my bfgminer window because it’s stuck in the 1/4 of my screen and I can’t extend it, only shrink it. Any ideas ?

    • gentoovps

      Are you connecting via ssh or directly on the machine? Are you running Windows or linux? I don’t have an issue connecting via ssh with xterm and resizing the terminal. I haven’t tried it with putty on Windows.

  • Samazama

    I want to know how to cap the gh/s with BFGminer. I am in the process of compiling a miner farm and want to be able to contract out certain amounts of GH/s per account. Is this possible with BFGminer? Or should I be looking elsewhere?

    • gentoovps

      I’ve not seen this option in cgminer so I doubt there is that optioni in bfgminer. One alternative might be to use load balancing based on your clients’ pools.

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